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Top 10 ways integrative pediatrics is best for your child’s health. Integrative pediatrics can:


  1. Improve your child’s health and strengthen their immune system
  2. Enable you to intervene earlier in your child’s illnesses
  3. Teach you how to safely support healing without dangerous side effects
  4. Treat with natural medicines have fewer side effects, work faster in some cases and have less built up resistance
  5.  Teach many simple natural solutions for common health issues
  6. Help find the optimal diet for your child. We are what we eat and food is our best medicine!
  7.  Support healing from illnesses, and injuries including birth trauma as well help optimize development with gentle osteopathic manipulation.
  8. Be fun! Children like coming to our office and quickly understand that we help them feel better.
  9. Empower parents to take better, more informed care of their children
  10. Allow more freedom in the doctor-patient relationship. We are partners in your child’s healthcare. We want to hear what you think.


BONUS: Integrative pediatrics can improve your whole family’s health!
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