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Osteopathic Care for All Ages

The human body has an amazing innate healing ability. Supporting the body’s inherent ability to grow, develop, repair and heal with osteopathic manipulative treatment has endless potential for the prevention of disease and optimizing an individual’s potential. When is the best time to start? Treating mom prior to conception and during pregnancy is a great […]

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Can you influence your Genes?

If you don’t think you can influence your genes, think again. 1 gene blueprint can have 30,00 variations. Our epigenome influences our genes by chemical switches that change the expression of our genes. The environment of our genes have an enormous effect on their expression. Identical twins start out with the exact same genetic material. But […]

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Another simple way that may help prevent SIDS…

Did you Know that something as simple as covering the babies mattress with an inexpensive slip-on mattress cover may help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Antimony and Arsenic are added as fire retardants and plastic softeners in babies’ mattresses and bedding …  These gases are can be about one thousand times more poisonous than carbon monoxide. […]

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What Causes Colic?

How can I help my colicky infant? The word colic comes from a Greek word meaning “suffering in the colon”. It is generally thought that colic stems from the immaturity of the baby’s digestive tract. Now that he or she is on the outside of the womb, their digestive tract is learning to deal with […]

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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition resulting from some form of brain injury affecting the brain’s normal abilities. “Cerebral” meaning from the brain, and “Palsy” meaning an inability to use some of their muscles in their body the normal way. Approximately 5,000 new cases of cerebral palsy are diagnosed each year. Cerebral palsy is caused […]

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