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Osteopathic Care for All Ages

The human body has an amazing innate healing ability. Supporting the body’s inherent ability to grow, develop, repair and heal with osteopathic manipulative treatment has endless potential for the prevention of disease and optimizing an individual’s potential. When is the best time to start? Treating mom prior to conception and during pregnancy is a great […]

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Another simple way that may help prevent SIDS…

Did you Know that something as simple as covering the babies mattress with an inexpensive slip-on mattress cover may help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Antimony and Arsenic are added as fire retardants and plastic softeners in babies’ mattresses and bedding …  These gases are can be about one thousand times more poisonous than carbon monoxide. […]

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The Natural Birth Project

The Natural Birth Project ( is a wonderful supportive group of mothers, mothers to be, daddies, daddies to be, and grandparents.  Their goal is to educate, inspire, and empower parents to find their inner wisdom and strength to birth and support new life in this world in loving, holistic, and vital ways.  I loved spending […]

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