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Healthy Iodine

Because of the tragic events in Japan last week, there has been some debate on radiation protection. It should be noted that most authorities agree that significant amounts of radiation reaching the United States, is very small. However, let’s learn what we can do to protect ourselves in the rare event that it does become […]

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Beneficial and Restorative Salt Baths

Whether exposure to radiation was medical (x-rays, scans, etc.) or environmental, a simple warm bath with non-iodized salt can help detoxify the body. I would suggest using Celtic sea salt or Epsom salt which is magnesium salt. Another optional bath is to combine equal amounts of both the salts and aluminum-free baking soda. For children […]

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Are Cell Phones Safe?

From the low frequencies of radios and microwaves, to high-frequency gamma and x-rays, we are exposed to alarming amounts of undetectable manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR) daily. Should we be concerned? Are there any health consequences? Are there ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Ann Louise Gittleman, states in her new book, Zapped, that, […]

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